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The School of Mechanical and Power Engineering at North University of China, was founded in 1958, and it is one of the earliest departments and as well as one of the most historic engineering departments in NUC.

The School of Mechanical and Power Engineering has 2 Grade I disciplines-mechanical engineering and power mechanical engineering, offering master’s degree and doctorate programs in mechanical engineering and power engineering & engineering thermophysics, under which, 10 specialties, such as mechanical engineering, mechanical design, manufacturing and automation, process equipment &control engineering, industry engineering, packaging engineering, industry design, mechatronic engineering, automotive engineering, energy and power engineering, automotive service engineering are developed.

The School of Mechanical and Power Engineering has set up 4 research institutes according to discipline –1 State Key Laboratory, 1 Provincial Key Laboratory, 1 DHM Institute, 1 Provincial Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center, and several experimental centers.

So far, the School of Mechanical and Power Engineering has a faculty of 165, with 49 postdoctoral fellows and scientific researchers in service. There are 3,800 enrolled students and over 500 master’s degree students and doctorate students.

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